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My name is Joseph Maxwell, and I take the lead role here at SwiftOtter. I am a Christian - saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, so I can spend an eternity in heaven (John 3:36). Very close to second to that in rank is seeing small businesses be successful. I believe that this type of business is the core of America, and thus greatly delight in optimizing their processes as much as possible.

Past that, I see problems as opportunities. If your business is weak in an area, I see that there is an opportunity to help you strengthen your business. I greatly enjoy solving business problems with software.

I work on an hourly basis. In my opinion, that is the most fair. Most other companies bill on a per-project basis. However, per-project means that I need to overestimate the project so that I make sure that I come out ahead (which costs you money). In addition, I believe that it is best to share my rates up front, as I am confident you will agree that I am worth these rates:

High volume is defined as any number of hours over 50 in a three-month period.

I started programming around year 2000 with Borland Delphi (long since obsolete). I have been involved in HTML/CSS since approximately 2003, and in PHP since 2005. My favorite part of the studio is being able to solve problems that businesses encounter. I have had the privilege of working in this area for the last five years. As I have time, I am active on StackOverflow - an incredible Q&A community focused on programming problems. Feel free to take a look at my answers.

In addition, I am privileged to have two other talented members in the studio - Christopher and Jesse. Christopher handles most of our client interactions, is the project manager and is an excellent at quality assurance software testing. Jesse loves frontend work (the frontend of a website is what you see when you go to a website). He doesn’t just greatly enjoy frontend development, he is really good at it. At SwiftOtter Studios, we usually take it on ourselves to build a completely custom, responsive website - a tremendous asset to your ecommerce website’s impact to mobile customers.

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Swift Otter Development Phases

At SwiftOtter Studios, we take our own unique process to giving your customers the very best experience on your website that is possible. Although we do not hold ridgidly to these steps, we use these as general guidelines. The reason for this is that we want to be 100% flexible for you. We believe in fast iterations of bite-sized pieces of functionality. This allows quick development, narrow-focused testing and rapid deployment. Let’s look at each one now.

We will attempt to gain a thorough knowledge of your need. SwiftOtter will assist in whatever it takes to fully understand the product or functionality that you desire.
This phase is where we work with you as to how you want this feature or features implemented. How do your users want it to look? How do they typically interact with similar features on other websites? For business logic, how do you want to work with this feature?
The pencil meets the paper here. We work through the designs with you until we get signoff.
We make this website or feature work. This is one of the most rewarding parts of the projects as the rubber meets the road. The feature begins to work and the website looks beautiful.
Since the end goal is a great user experience, we find users who are likely to use the product that we are developing and take them through a test use process while collecting data regarding how smoothly the process goes. With this information we can eliminate problems that are noticed, and make their next experience even more fantastic.
When the step is taken to deploy the website, we are sure to provide ultra-high speed turn around time to any problems that may arise. This ensures that the launch experience goes as well as possible.

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